He's An Experienced Leader and Problem-Solver

Whatever the challenge, Steve has a demonstrated ability to see to the heart of the problem, build effective teams across multiple agencies or organizations, forge consensus, and then implement situations that work.

  • While at the Defense Intelligence Agency, Steve took over a vital interagency warfighter support program that was heading toward collapse.  He overcame competing institutional objectives and political rivalries, involved all stakeholders in the solution development process, built a broad consensus, and then fought tirelessly until the program received the priority and funding it deserved. For his efforts, Steve was awarded the Defense Intelligence Director's Award, and he earned the thanks of the operations community from across all four armed services.

  • After taking command of an armored cavalry troop that had been underperforming, Steve established new training initiatives, instilled a commitment to excellence, won the support and active involvement of his subordinate leaders, and earned the respect and renewed enthusiasm of his soldiers.  In just one year, performance measures soared across all disciplines.  The squadron commander termed it "a remarkable achievement," and the brigade commander praised him as "the best company commander in the brigade."

  • Steve joined a leading national security contracting company that had been unable to get a foothold in the national-level Defense intelligence mission space.  Under Steve's guidance, his team vaulted into position as one of the most successful firms on the contract within just three years.  More importantly, Steve's creativity and initiative resulted in his firm's being chosen to deliver innovative solutions in support of highly sensitive counterterrorism and counterinsurgency programs.

  • Leadership is important at the community level, too, and Steve consistently has delivered.  As the elected president of the Crosspointe homeowners association (with some 1400 households), Steve was deeply involved in creating area-wide alliances to promote the needs and aspirations of residents across South County.  A long-time grassroots activist, many of you have met Steve at your front door or outside your polling place as he built support for common-sense, fiscally responsible candidates; opposed new taxes and fees (like the proposed meal tax) on county residents; or fought for intelligent development to grow our economy and provide new housing while protecting our environment and preserving greenspace.  

Steve Adragna -- Vision, Imagination, and Leadership We Can Trust

Three Reasons Why Steve Adragna Is The RightChoice

He's Walked in Your Shoes

Steve has a highly diversified work background. He understands the different needs and perspectives of the various segments of our regional workforce because he has experienced them first-hand:

  • 13 years of Federal civilian service
  • 15 years of service in reserve components of the US Army
  • 17 years of experience in business, including with a start-up company; executive roles at two of the country's larger national security contractors; and currently as the founder and managing director of a small business with an international focus and partners across the globe

Transportation headaches across our region are serious and have a real impact on our quality of life and local economy.  Steve understands this better than most:

  • He commuted to downtown DC or Rosslyn daily via I-395
  • Used to commute via the Beltway Outer Loop and Wilson Bridge to Southwest DC
  • Previously commuted via the Inner Loop to Tysons
  • Formerly made the trip from our area to Reston each day via the Fairfax County Parkway
  • During an assignment at the Pentagon, Steve took Metrorail from Springfield on most days

As an entrepreneur and technology-oriented businessman, Steve has worked with novel transportation concepts and platforms like modern bus rapid transit, wireless power transfer for transit and ground service vehicles, intelligent road design and more.  As our delegate, he'll work across the aisle to forge partnerships between government, industry, Virginia's research universities, private R&D firms, and visionary actuators and incubators to develop innovative, efficient, and cleaner ways to move people and goods.  He'll also champion sound and efficient enhancements to teleworking, innovative staffing solutions, "smart" improvements to existing roadways, and new road construction designed to meet tomorrow's needs as well as today's.

Steve understands the challenges faced by working families.  He and his wife both work, so they have to deal with work-life balance issues, paying for quality child care, and ensuring a quality education for their children while supporting them in the face of hazards like drugs, bullying, peer pressure, and more.  Steve is committed to ensuring that our state funds find their way into the classroom and prepare our young people for the 21st-century economy.  We can do more for both our gifted students and our special needs students without neglecting the vast middle.  Virginia's schools and universities must give every student the knowledge, tools, and skills to achieve his or her full potential.

We need a Delegate in Richmond who understands the common concerns of -- and the diversity of challenges facing -- the families and citizens of our district and our region.  Steve deals with these concerns and challenges every day, and he'll fight for Northern Virginia's families, children and taxpayers in the General Assembly.

He'll Be An Innovator and Leader In Richmond

Steve has a proven record of successful leadership and of being chosen to lead -- in government service, in business, in the army, and in the community.

As the managing director of a globally oriented business, Steve's success depends on his ability to build trust-based relationships with people from all walks of life and from all over the world, working across different cultures, languages, and customs.  He takes the time to get to know people and earns their trust, confidence and respect.

Steve has experience in leading often fractious organizations and building the consensus needed to get things done -- in community affairs, business, or local politics and government.  He'll bring those skills to bear in Richmond in support of us while helping to build a true opportunity society for all Virginians.