Fairfax Accusers Deserve to be Heard

Thursday, June 20, 2019

CONTACT: Caleb Anderson,

FAIRFAX STATION, VA – The Steve Adragna for Delegate campaign released a statement today in response to the Special Session called by Governor Ralph Northam to address firearm safety in Virginia. While the General Assembly is in session, House Republicans have called for the General Assembly also to hold bipartisan hearings with survivors of sexual assault who have identified Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax as their attacker.

“The upcoming special session provides an opportunity for the General Assembly get things done,” said Republican Steve Adragna. “The House of Delegates can seize this moment to put politics aside and draw real distinction from the U.S. Congress by achieving some closure, producing meaningful results, and then moving on in January to the kitchen table issues that matter most to Virginians, like transportation solutions that ease congestion, improving our education system, keeping taxes low, and growing our economy and jobs.”

“My hope is that both caucuses will shun keeping these two political hot potatoes in the air to continue trying to score political points. The session on gun violence should focus foremost on the people problem without abridging Second Amendment rights – stiffening criminal penalties for using guns in criminal attacks or transferring them illegally; strengthening mental health screening and intervention (with due process) to keep firearms out of the wrong hands; supporting targeted youth diversion programs; and ensuring that every purchaser of a firearm is legally entitled to own one. With 21st-century technology, we can verify eligibility for firearms ownership expeditiously and without infringing on citizens’ rights.”

Speaking to General Assembly Democrats, Adragna said, “There is nothing ‘political’ about giving the Lt. Governor’s accusers a forum in which to be heard. Their stories were credible enough for the Lt. Governor’s law firm to put him on leave. These women deserve to be heard, and have asked to be heard. Whether the General Assembly should take subsequent action cannot be determined until you have heard them speak.  Why are you opposed?”

Steve Adragna is the Republican nominee to represent the 42nd District in the Virginia House of Delegates.  He is a businessman, veteran, former federal employee, taxpayer, spouse and parent – he personifies the district. Steve is the founder and managing director of Aquila Ventures, a provider of integrated solutions in the fields of defense, security, training and capacity-building with a global perspective and footprint.