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We appreciate that everyone faces financial constraints,and that you receive many requests for support of various kinds.  But Steve is going to remain a leader in the fight for Virginia's future, and for common-sense laws that will improve the quality of life for all Virginians,.  He'll continue that fight right through the 2021 statewide and House of Delegates elections, along with any special elections between then and now.  We can't know yet where legislative district boundaries will lie after redistricting in 2021, but Steve will be actively involved in any case. 

So we need your help.  The reality is that modern-day campaigns are expensive -- printing, postage, staff support, website hosting and maintenance, phone service, fees and all else add up quickly, and we can't do it alone.  But we must act now in order to build the necessary resources to execute a winning effort in 2021.  Remember, Virginia places no limits on individual or business donations, thus giving you considerable flexibility.  Will you support our campaign to strengthen a common-sense, pro-family, pro-free enterprise majority in Richmond with a personal, corporate, or combined donation today?  No contribution is too small, and we can accomplish great things if everyone pitches in.

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