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Steve Adragna​​

Steve Adragna

One of Us, For All of Us

Fighting for Virginia's future

John Quincy Adams

Welcome to the home of Friends of Steve Adragna!  I suspect that we have much in common: I'm a husband, parent, homeowner and taxpayer.  I fell in love with Virginia and made it my home 30 years ago, but I too came from somewhere else, and initially faced the challenges of finding affordable housing and good schools.  I have to deal with the traffic in our area, and want what's best for our kids.  I've been a federal civilian employee, an Army officer, an executive in companies from small to large, and currently lead a small business.

I'm remaining active in the fight to keep Virginia a great place in which to live, work and raise a family, and to protect our Commonwealth's future.  Like many of you, I was very disappointed by the reflexive voting that put a "progressive" majority in power in our General Assembly as of January 2020.  It was all the more troubling to see a collection of ultraliberal billionaires and several unabashedly radical political groups pour tens of millions of dollars into our state for the sole purpose of "flipping Virginia blue" without any regard for the welfare and interests of the people who actually live here.

But my concern runs way beyond simple disappointment over the loss of our legislative majority.  As several of my colleagues have pointed out, "This isn't your father's Democratic Party."  The new "progressive" majority is committed to a frankly frightening political, social and economic agenda that threatens to turn our Commonwealth into a basket case like New York, California, New Jersey and Connecticut.   So my organization and I are going to stay in the fight to build an opportunity society that benefits all Virginians, and not turn Virginia into a place where government increasingly intrudes in our lives and spends like there's no tomorrow simply to buy votes today without concern about the consequences for our economy tomorrow.

The "progressive" effort already is well under way: A huge wave of proposed new spending; eye-watering new taxes on energy and fuels; bills that would confiscate citizens' legally-purchased firearms while at the same time going soft on crime and criminals; another effort to legalize abortion on demand up to the moment of birth; bills that would override local zoning in order to enable breathtaking levels of housing "densification" in suburban and rural communities; and a raft of new social engineering legislation rooted in the belief that government knows how to plan for your future, spend your money, and parent your children better than you do.  Their agenda, if implemented, will put Virginia into a never-ending cycle of wasteful spending followed by increased borrowing followed by higher taxes, followed by more spending to buy more votes -- all while our infrastructure crumbles, our education and public safety systems fail and our economy collapses.  We've seen the results of those kinds of policies -- in New York, California, Detroit, Chicago and elsewhere.  We can't let it happen here in Virginia.

I want to see our Commonwealth return to the forefront of economic dynamism, innovation, and social harmony.  We're all in this together.  I want to help foster a true opportunity society in Virginia, harnessing our tremendous reservoir of scientific and technical talent, depth and breadth of business talent and technological innovation, and sense of shared destiny to build a brighter and ever more prosperous future for all Virginians.

I hope that you'll join me in that effort.  Please explore our site and learn more about our  our vision for Virginia's future.  I encourage you to visit and follow my blog here on the site, and I invite you to join me in fighting for a brighter tomorrow for Virginia and all of its residents.

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